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(Portrait of the Poet as a Jung Man)

This page features Danny's poetry from his most recent book, The Middle West. To view the following poems, just click on one of these titles:

"These poems use the word 'sorrow' and they mean it: they are lyrical about hard lives and hard labor, the way we "make do with what we get." What is remarkable about them is their compassion and tenderness, their ability to look at the unforgiving nature of our contemporary urban lives and stay sane, calm, and beautifully truthful." --Charles Baxter

"Rendleman walks the line between shrewd detachment and vulnerable receptivity. He's a soft-hearted ironist who can use words as scalpels while inviting the abundance of the ambiguous world to overwhelm him. "Some nights we become human only when/we absorb the drastic." This is a sometimes dark but always brilliant book." --James Heynen

"I'm struck by how wise and beautifully wrought these poems are. Rendleman is a poet of mature vision whose eye takes in all, whose ear is immaculate. His language surprises with its accuracy and range and sense of adventure. In one small poem, for instance, a finch becomes a 'density of small needs,' and then 'a bright/cipher at the feeder,' and later 'a no-account/glitch in the garden.' And finally, in this lovely poem, it is the promise of our future, 'the spark/that is the next moment/would we have it.' These are ambitious and illuminating poems that one will return to again and again."--Herbert Scott

For more information on Danny's books please contact through email address dannyr@umich.edu or home address 942 E. 7th Street, Flint, MI. 48503.

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